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the shot seen around the world

to be freed, plant a seed to free the weed

To provide a site for the enactment of a worldwide event of 5 minutes duration that emulates the iconic events* that started the American Revolution the staging of:
- The Shot Seen Around The World.

To employ the “Tipping Point” principle of the “magic number” of one hundred and fifty people to change the course not only of America and the earth but of the universe through the liberation of God and the human soul.

To create a gathering place for 150 like-minded persons worldwide, who oppose America's war on hemp and the other entheogens ( God engendering with-in, naturally occurring, God created, drug containing plants ), to release Botany Broadcast Balloons** at the same time during a month-long Springtime planting window of opportunity starting on April 19, 2008 ( Lexington-Concord Day ), photograph their release, and load their shots onto this web site thus staging- The Shot Seen Around The World. For more information please go to our Blog page.

* To learn about the iconic events that started the American Revolution and its correlation to this event please go to iconic events on the blog page.

** To learn about Botany Broadcast Balloons, what they are, how they work, and how to make one, please go to the blog page.

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